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Aim and activities

The Swedish Maritime Law Association is an organisation with the aim to promote knowledge of maritime and transport law and to facilitate contacts between legal scholars and practising lawyers in this field. The Association was founded by a merger of the previous associations The Gothenburg Maritime Law Association and the Swedish Association for International Maritime Law in Stockholm.

The Association has about 250 members. Both private persons and companies may become members. An application for membership should be addressed to the Board. The Membership fee is SEK 300 per year for ordinary members, SEK 100 per year for students and SEK 5000 for supporting members.

Every year the Association arranges a spring meeting in Gothenburg och an autumn meeting in Stockholm. At the meetings a paper on an interesting maritime and transport law topic is usually presented. The presentation is regularly followed by an informal dinner.

The Association also publishes maritime and transport law literature in its own series and responds to questionnaires put forward by the Government and authorities responsible for maritime and transport legislation.

The Association is a member of the Comité Maritime International (CMI).